whoa, quick question, was fitz ever told that simmons was undercover for hydra? or that they had to rescue her? like, was he just hanging out in the lab and heard the commotion and was all, what’s going on? and then he sees her for the first time, with no warning? uhhhh



ok so im pretty sure this is how the next episode or the episode after that will go

so, fitzsimmons are obviously out of sync and they’re trying to work in the lab together to try and fix that and they’re making small talk but then fitz finally says something like

'so, hydra, huh? how was that? as evil as i expected?'

and then jemma laughs and says something like ‘yeah they even had black labcoats to make their point of how evil they are’

and then they laugh and it’s almost like old times for a second but then it goes back to being awkward or something

and then one of them asks the other to hand them something and they accidentally make physical contact and instead of them just being like ‘meh whatever it’s always like this’ they jerk back and the thing falls to the ground and they’re embarrassed and take like three steps away from each other

and then skye and trip are watching them or whatever and yelling something like “GUYS WE CAN SEE THE SEXUAL TENSION FROM HERE JUST MAKE OUT OR WHATEVER”

because we all know skye and trip ship fitzsimmons like there’s no tomorrow

i’m just…i can’t believe that scene was so short. they give us crap tons of skyward, and philinda, and EVERY OTHER GOD DAMN SHIP, and we get ten seconds of hesitant, awkward fitzsimmons? really?